LGBTI LatinAmerican Project



New Melbourne group for LGBTI people from Latin American and Hispanic backgrounds

A new group in Melbourne has been established to bring together LGBTI people from Latin American or Hispanic background and identify the issues they face.

The secret lives of international students.

For many of the 500,000 foreign students in Australia, our liberal, more tolerant society offers them a golden chance to open up and enjoy their youth.

LGBTI Latinx gathering in Melbourne in Pro Diversity and Tolerance.

Invitation to everyone and Latinx people in Melbourne to manifest in pro of diversity and tolerance in Latin America and Australia. Join Us

Nace LGBTI People en Victoria

Interview in Spanish for SBS Noticias 13 in Spanish.

To listen to the audio please click on the button below.

Survey Report LGBTI Latinx - July 2016 meeting.

Results of an exploratory survey of 9 participants at the first meeting of the LGBTQ Latinx project.

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